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Inside the Tea Party Rally for Joyce Kaufman

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Kaufman closed out her speech with a reference to the recent remake of Clash of the Titans, telling the crowd to "unleash the Kraken." Then everyone removed their hats as a little girl sang the national anthem (and then "God Bless America"). A woman told the crowd that there would be an afterparty at the Jib Room -- "You can tell Joyce how much you love her there!" -- and that any members of the media were not invited.

After her speech, I spoke with Kaufman for a few minutes. She told me she was disappointed with New Times' recent coverage of her. "I expect better from you guys," she said, noting that she thought Amy Guthrie's profile of her was tough on her but ultimately fair (except the cover). She told me that if the recent threat against the school district had mentioned a liberal instead of her, it never would have made the news.

"It's insidious," she said. "It's just bad journalism."

She also hinted that the person behind the threat was a well-known, liberal female. "Wait until it comes out who's behind this," she said. "It will knock your socks off."

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