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Interview With a "Zoo" -- Part 1

There is no organized opposition to the legislation being brought by Florida Sen. Nan Rich, or Sunrise, that would make it a third-degree felony to have "sexual contact" with an animal. As Rich put it a few weeks ago, "Who thinks it's OK to have sex with animals?"

Perhaps no group that would go public  -- least of all people who actually have sex with animals. 
This is zoophilia, and the people call themselves "zoos" -- a term that separates them from people who commit bestiality. That, say zoos, is rape, an act of aggression and domination. Whereas zoos say the sex they have with animals is as consensual as the sex that humans have.

In the course of reporting on this legislation, I've had a correspondence with a 50-something man in the upper Midwest, a small businessowner, who says that he is a zoo. In exchange for a guarantee of anonymity, he agreed to let me publish the answers to his questions. For the purposes of this article, I'll call him James.

Having admitted to James that I knew very little of zoophilia, I asked whether zoos' attractions are typically confined to a single type of animal, or if they extend a variety of animals. He told me:

The most common animals would be the dog and horse, but of course all domestic animals you would find - cow, sheep, goat, donkey etc., and both genders.
He continued:
In general those who are raised around horses are more inclined to be attracted to horses, and the same goes for dogs, but there certainly are many cross-overs who are not involved with just one species and may have dogs as well as horses (or other animals). Every animal is different and each has their own uniqueness.
I asked James whether he knew whether he knew zoophilia was more common among people of a particular demographic group -- age, sex, ethnicity, religious beliefs, education, profession. He told me it occurred across a complete demographic spectrum.
I personally know  or have known in the past zoos who are white, black, Asian, Mormon, Amish (who left that group), Catholic, atheist, Pagan, Jewish, male, female,  as well as two who are legally blind. They come from all ages, as this typically starts at or before puberty.

All professions I can think of, from unemployed and Good Humor ice cream vendors to professionals -- including a married-man-with-kids Boeing engineer whom I am sure you have read of in Enumclaw, Washington, who died accidentally from a horse. Note: Movie trailer for the documentary based on that man's story is at the top of this post.

There are married zoos as well as singles in all 50 states and every country. This isn't confined to certain states, though some countries such as Iran I suspect it would be very dangerous. I have seen videos of some in Iraq having sex with a donkey at night- caught on night vision camera by some U.S. troops.
More from my interview with James later today.

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