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Investigate Deerfield Beach Fire Department Now

In light of the reported arrest of Peggy Noland's 19-year-old firefighter son, Thomas, for stealing campaign signs in the middle of the night, I think it's time for an investigation of the political activity being done at the fire station.

     I refer you to Deerfield activist Bett Willett's blog. Willett is big supporter of Commissioner Pam Militello, who is running against Joe Miller. Willett recently set up on a street corner with a Militello sign. Within minutes, a gaggle of firefighters, who are supporting Miller, showed up on an opposite corner. I'll let her tell the rest:

A couple of the fire boys drove what I think is Miller's golf cart, complete with Miller sign, on the street (no, I didn't see a license plate) a-whoopin' and a-hollerin', and then drove it into the fire station. Gives rise to musing about if they are storing campaign materials in the firehouse; the cart is a violation just being there. Another fire boy was out waving a sign, turned and pulled off his campaign shirt, under which was his uniform, and went into the fire station. I must wonder, was he on duty? Sure looked like it. I don't care what they do on their own time, but if they are using city property and time for campaigning,


Here's a link to the post, which also has some interesting info on what is motivating the firefighters to back Miller and alleged connections to Deerfield Observer publisher and all-around political hack J. David Eller.

Michael Satz, are you listenting?

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