Investigation Into Alleged Incident With Pounceys Continues
Local sports radio host Andy Slater (940 AM) was sent this photo by a listener, taken the night of the Pounceys' birthday party.

Investigation Into Alleged Incident With Pounceys Continues

Last week, the victims of an alleged assault that took place at Cameo nightclub said they planned to file a lawsuit against Miami Dolphins player Mike Pouncey and his brother Maurkice for their role in the incident.

While it's unclear where the potential lawsuit stands now -- messages for representatives of the victims went unreturned -- Miami Beach Police have updates on where the investigation stands.

Even though Riquan James -- better-known as Ricky Vasquez on social media -- took to Instagram following his night at Cameo to explain, through tears, what had transpired, he hadn't spoken to police yet. Miami Beach Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez urged the victims back then to speak to police if an incident occurred.

According to Hernandez, they now have. "Basically, both the victims have been interviewed as well as one witness, who is a friend of the victims," he tells New Times. "We're still trying to locate other witnesses, interview them, and we still haven't interviewed the Pouncey brothers, and we have not named the subject, and the investigation continues. Other than interviewing the witness and the two alleged victims, nothing else has changed in the investigation."

Omar Kelly, the Sun Sentinel's Dolphins writer, tweeted otherwise, claiming police had seen more of the incident than currently known.

When told of Kelly's tweets and asked whether police had indeed seen video, Hernandez said: "I hadn't confirmed that yet, no."

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