Is Deerfield's Capellini Stepping Down?

The deadline for filing to run in the March election is January 9 -- and Deerfield Mayor Al Capellini, who has filed early and often during his two-plus decades in office -- has yet to open his campaign.

This is highly unusual and rumors abound that there's a good reason that Capellini isn't running (yet) -- the ongoing corruption investigation being done by the State Attorney's Office.

Word is that prosecutors -- led by Keith Wasserstrom slayer Catherine Maus -- are working out a plea deal with Capellini that will, of course, preclude him from keeping his seat. Sounds like Michael Satz is treating public corruption with kids' gloves again. If Wasserstrom was guilty of a couple of felonies, Capellini, in my humble opinion, is guilty of a boatload. Arrest him and sort it out later. Set a damn example.

Of course, I have some professional interest in this since my investigation of Capellini presaged the SAO probe (he even hired a PR firm to counter my stories, in which he said his penchant to head to the men's room when votes pertaining to his conflicts of interest arose was a simple matter of "nature calling"). If Capellini doesn't file and no surprise candidate emerges, then Commissioner Steve Gonot will run unopposed. But he is facing an FDLE investigation himself that is yet unresolved.

Gotta love Deerfield.  

UPDATED: Capellini booster Chris Tauber posted on his Deerfield Advocate blog that Capellini has made it "official' and has filed to run, setting up what may be the most acrimonious mayoral race in history. Hmmm, maybe Satz is backing off completely?

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