Is Fate Pointing To Charlie?

Florida is shifting to Obama -- and that means John McCain might be shifting to Charlie Crist as his running mate.

Or at least that's what writer Tom Bevan on the Wall Street Journal's political blog thinks McCain will (or should) do. There's no doubt that with Obama leading in Florida polls -- after months of being well-behind the presumptive Republican nominee -- VP stock in Crist rises.

The St. Pete Times' Steve Bosquet, however, finds little evidence that McCain's camp is vetting the governor.

Crist himself is being coy about it, telling everyone who asks about his VP chances that he can't comment "on the process." That of course implies that he's part of the process. Charlie, you devil.

Here's the Pulp's take: Crist is still in the running and is very likely among the top three names on McCain's VP list. But he won't be chosen because he won't rally the GOP base and the very real potential of scandal from his apparently soon-to-be-extinguished "bachelorhood."

Anything can happen, though. Crist is obviously trying to prove his manly bona fides to McCain, as he and his social-climbing fiancee chartered around with the senator on a swing through Florida on Friday. Bet McCain was witness to more than a few public displays of affection on that little trip.

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