Is Mrs. Crist Gettin' Less Than Mrs. Claus?

This past weekend, Florida's First Lady made her first public appearance and she didn't sound nervous at all.

Asked what it's like to be First Lady, Mrs. Crist said: "I love it. It's a tremendous honor and privilege, and I enjoy obviously being with my wonderful husband, always." She described her role this way: "Whatever I can do to be of help to the governor's office and this administration's agenda, I'm happy to help in any way I can, particularly for the children."


Did Charlie marry this woman or did he appoint her to direct of the state's child welfare agency?

And he's going around calling theirs a "working honeymoon"? How romantic. Here's the drill, Charlie. Yes, heteros stop having sex after marriage, but you still gotta do it on the honeymoon.

-- Thomas Francis

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