Is Stacy Really Concerned About Security?

Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter had her regularly scheduled "Coffee with Stacy" on Wednesday and I commend her for that.

After the horror on Saturday that occurred at U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' "Congress on your Corner" event, I think it's great that Ritter is carrying on in that tradition.

Ritter with her guest, Lynn University professor Robert Watson

​But still, after watching the video of her very small Wednesday meeting, you have to wonder if Ritter was really so concerned about her own security the day before when she announced in commission chambers that she wanted metal detectors installed outside the governmental center.

More and more it seems that Ritter was just using the Tucson shooting as an opportunity to take a ridiculous crack at her critics.

I say this because she didn't seem concerned about security at all on Wednesday. At the start, she first gives a rave advert for the bagel shop and pinpoints the exact location before revealing her Friday routine. 

"This is my favorite bagel place ... and Mitch's tuna fish is absolutely to die and the coffee is great," she says. "I'm usually here on

Friday's, by the way, at 11:30 right after I get my nails done. I'll come here for lunch. So you can see me. I don't wear makeup on Fridays so you probably won't recognize me."

Okay so she publicly revealed this personal information on YouTube the day after she told the public that she believed that "bloggers" want to "shoot" her and "by extension" all the other commissioners and urged the county to beef up security. She also brought up getting her nails done in Tuesday's speech -- telling the public how "uncomfortable" she was when a someone there recognized her.

How contradictory can a politician be? It's just more reason to believe that her Tuesday speech was mostly a piece of political grandstanding in an attempt to marginalize her critics. They aren't really concerned about her continual abuse of the public trust -- most recently the outrageous spending by her and her lobbyist husband Russell Klenet during her law-breaking campaign. They're just potentially violent wingnuts.

But Ritter by her own words and actions clearly knows that her critics don't want to hurt her. They just want her and Klenet and their unethical brand of government to exit stage left. 

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Bob Norman
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