Is the World Ready for a Reality Show About Boca Seniors? (Are You?)

I guess on one level, it makes sense: People are living longer, and a bigger population of seniors will want a reality show about other seniors, who are underrepresented on prime-time television.

But those of us 40 and younger (the most coveted advertising demo), it comes down to one big question: Are you curious what your grandparents and/or parents do and say when you're not there? In this writer's case, the answer is: Oh God no.

According to the summary that goes with the Youtube video, the project was launched in summer 2009 and is advertising itself to television executives as, "The Real Housewives series meets the Golden Girls, with a dash of Sex in the City and Cocoon."

It's not clear whether the series is actually in Boca, as it claims, or Boynton Beach, as it appears from the video.

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