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Is This the Year Ryan Tannehill Finally Puts It All Together?

Since the Dolphins selected Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick in the 2012 NFL draft, he has been something of an enigma. At times, he looks like the next Aaron Rodgers; other times, he looks closer to the next Chad Henne. As is tradition around these parts, Dolphins fans are torn on whether their quarterback is the answer.

The issue — even more so during these Tannehill years than with quarterbacks prior — is that the team has done little to help themselves find out if they have a consistent signal caller that can lead the team in the playoffs, much less a Super Bowl. 

Enter the Adam Gase era. The Dolphins' new coach is apparently already providing Tannehill a breath of fresh air. 

Now, talk is cheap, especially when it comes to NFL practices happening in May, but earlier results seem to indicate Ryan Tannehill feels as if this season will be much different than his previous four.

Gase — best known for his work with former Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler — has already made it clear Tannehill will have options at his disposal that ex-coach Joe Philbin never made available. Most importantly, Tannehill will be able to change plays at the line of scrimmage, something he seems very excited about. 

While the practices are fake, changes are real — so the Dolphins should get a much better look at what Tannehill is capable of doing on his own this season. Gase is known for getting the most out of quarterbacks and making them feel comfortable in his offense, which seems to already be showing up just a few months into his work with Tannehill. 

Not only does Tannehill have the ability to take control of the offense under Gase, he's actually encouraged to do so. Gase and Tannehill have been having a gush-fest over one another through the media. 

''His intelligence is off the charts,'' Gase said. ''He has done everything we have asked him to do and has spent a lot of time on things outside this building. It shows in the way he is able to call plays in the huddle and how aggressive he has been in learning the offense.''

So, this is all encouraging.... but do these breadcrumbs lead to a changed Ryan Tannehill? We still have quite a few months until we start finding out, but judging from the first few weeks, the Adam Gase-Ryan Tannehill relationship is off to a glowing start. 

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