Islamic Center of Palm Beach seminar on March 13-15th
Islamic Center of Palm Beach seminar on March 13-15th
Islamic Center of West Palm Beach

Islamic Center of Palm Beach Hosts Seminar on How to Stop ISIS

The Islamic Center of Palm Beach is hosting what they are describing as a "highly important and much needed educational seminar" titled "Combatting the Rise of Jihadist Extremism, ISIS, its evil effects and the True Islamic Response." The seminar will take place from March 13th-15th at the Islamic Center located at 101 Castlewood Drive in North Palm Beach.

The seminar is in response to growing concern across the world in regards to the infamous Islamic State, or ISIS, extremist group that now controls thousands of square miles in Syria and Iraq where state authority had once reigned.

The seminar's flier states as follows:

Our goal is to provide qualified knowledgeable Muslim leaders to clarify Islam's condemnation of past and present jihadist extremist groups such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Boko Haram. This is the opportunity and environment for attendees to engage and ask questions to the Muslim speakers that will be present about these issues. Islam views extremist groups who jeopardize the safety and security of society as from the worst type of criminals for which all possible efforts should be expended to prevent their evil and eradicate their movements. We welcome everyone to come and participate.

The Islamic Center is encouraging people to attend the meeting and ask any questions they have regarding the Islamic faith. Past meetings have become heated, but the Islamic group is open to discussion at this seminar, and will even serve dinner.

For more information about Islamic Center of Palm Beach's anti-jihad seminar, visit its website.

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