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It's About to Suddenly Get 30 Degrees Cooler for Several Days in South Florida

It's time to dust off those sweaters and bust out the leather boots, because a sudden and pretty strong cold front is about to smack us in the face this weekend. It's also expected to last into next week.

Sure, it's a balmy 78 degrees right now, and you probably have the A/C on at home and in your car. But come Saturday, temperatures are forecast to dip 30 degrees, with some places in Broward County hitting a low of 50.


Usually cold snaps in South Florida don't linger. You find yourself wearing a heavy jacket in the morning, then sweating balls by 2 in the afternoon. But forecasters say this particular snap is expected to last until at least next Wednesday.

We should start to feel the cool air coming in sometime Saturday, with a breeze and gusts that may hit up to 23 mph. We may also see a few showers on Saturday here and there. Gradually things will go from the low 70s into the 60s and eventually even to the 50s.

Sunday things will be chilly (by Florida standards, anyway). What will keep the cold weather around will be a second cold front coming in at the beginning of next week that will also see temps dip into the 50s and maybe even 40s.

And thanks to this coming arctic apocalypse, the National Weather Service has declared a "Hazardous Weather Outlook" for South Florida, saying there will be moderate risk of rip currents on the beaches.

So prepare accordingly, South Florida!

Put on your entire wardrobe!

Slather your mouth with four, maybe five Chapsticks!

Take an ax to your coffee table and build a bonfire in your living room!


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