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It's Finally Going to Get Cooler in South Florida Next Week

November has been hot as balls. But that's about to change, if forecasters are right. The National Weather Service says a cold front is headed in our general direction in the coming week, which means a lot of sloppy rain but also some cooler temps. And by "cooler temps," we, of course, mean that temperatures will likely dip into the 60s, which is laughable to most of the nation.

But whatever, South Florida. Dust off those sweaters, break out the space heater, and get ready for a little cold snap Sunshine State-style, courtesy of the nation's first official winter storm.

According to forecasters, a cold front will swoop down through Saturday evening into Sunday morning that is going to bring rain, clouds, and messiness. So the weekend is in all likelihood screwed, if you had plans to go out. But the good news is, these high 80s temps that have stuck to us all month long are about to be replaced with nighttime temps that reach the mid-60s in parts of Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach by Monday night. 

“This should be a noticeable change, to say the least, after a sizzling early fall,” the NWS said in a statement Thursday. “Much drier and somewhat cooler air again looks to be on the way.”

According to the cold front is coming this way as part of the U.S.'s first winter storm of the season. As it always goes, the storm will bring snow into the Rockies and wetness into the Everglades. 

The storm will bring a blast of cold air with it, giving us our first glimpse into what it actually feels like to live in a sort of winter wonderland. The best news of all is that the humidity will be gone during the front. Forecasters expect the dry air to stick around through the week into Thanksgiving thanks to a disturbance between Bahamas and Bermuda.

Overall, the cooldown should last into Wednesday afternoon before the temps start to rise into the upper 70s. So Thanksgiving Day might be as cool as the beginning of the week, but at least it won't be the suffocating heat we've been dealing with all November.

The last time our area had temps below the 80-degree mark was around Halloween. Since then, it's been upper 80s, with "feels like" temps in the 90s, as this has been the warmest November on record. 
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