It's Hard to Be A Pimp (Really)

So you've probably seen the tempest in a teapot with Tom Fiedler. If not, read the comments in the post below. I'm going to do a little bit more reporting on this, but until then, let's move on to ...

The DBR Beating a Subpoena Broward Circuit Judge Marc Gold proved himself a man of wisdom by quashing (don't you love that word?) a subpoena on Daily Business Review reporter Julie Kay. Kay calls it a "victory for the First Amendment" in the story -- and she's right. If prosecutors start pulling reporters into court for every little thing, we're in big trouble. I, for one, hope Gold has started a trend, since Michael Satz's office has also hit me with a subpoena to testify in the Mafia case involving reputed Bonanno capo Gerard Chilli. It has to do with this story. I don't know nothing.

Quash away, please.

In Other News ...

The Palm Beach Post's Jose Lambiet tells of the robbery of David Copperfield outside Kravis Center in West Palm Beach. And for some reason I bet he really was pretty cool when the gun was pointed at his face. I want to know two things: how to do that pocket trick and how many cops got involved in trying to catch the robbers. Because I'm thinking if that were you or me, nobody would have been "nabbed" ten minutes later.

Also in the Post, Larry Kellerproves that it really isn't easy to be a pimp, even if you're dealing with relatively high-class call girls in Boca Raton. Keller writes of David Bachmann's "bad customer list" for the prostitution ring he was running. He had chokers, knife-wielders, and, tell us it ain't so, midgets. And Keller teases us with the fact that one repeat customer was a "South Florida sports broadcaster." I'm torn on whether it was the right call to withhold the broadcaster's name. On the one hand, I think the whole business should be decriminalized. But the guy (assuming it's a guy) may have broken the law and everyone who reads that will want to know who it is. Does that make it news?

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