It's Official

I'll admit, I've been a little worried about the Bears (I'm not a Chi fan, this is about vague affinities and cold cash). Would Manning slice up the Bears' D, making the field seem twice as wide as normal (at his best, PM gives the gridiron an almost infinite quality)? Would Grossman botch everything up?

But Dave Hyde came to the rescue with his column this morning, headlined "All signs point to Manning; it's his time tonight"). There's no way the Bears won't cover now.

(The column also has the worst sentence of the day in it, which is really saying something today. To wit: "The silliest notion coming from the AFC Championship Game is Manning somehow got this "900-pound gorilla off my back -- get if off!" as San Francisco 49er quarterback Steve Young said to a teammate at the end of his Super Bowl coming-out victory in Dolphin Stadium.")


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