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It's Votin' Day, UPDATED!

And what's voting day without the specter of Joe McCarthy looming? In this ad put out by Steve Geller in the final push of his attempt to unseat Sue Gunzburger, he compares his opponent to the great red baiter himself. He bases the comparison on the fact that Gunzburger had the nerve to call out her colleagues on the commission for their attempts to gut ethics reform. The small print includes the harebrained quote from Commissioner Kristin Jacobs in which she said she "now knows personally the choices faced by the wronged souls of the McCarthy era and how they felt" because of Gunzburger.

It's all so wrong on so many levels that it's an instant classic in my book. Anyway, we'll see who the voters decide to blacklist today, and I'll be updating this post later in the morning.

, the Sun-Sentinel finally gets to brag that it got a scoop in the Chait corruption investigation. The story brings new information on political consultant Beverly Stracher, wife of Rothstein lawyer Les Stracher and campaign manager at the time for Tamarac Mayor Beth Talabisco. Developer Bruce Chait told prosecutors that he gave Stracher $100,000 in cash (always the Chaits' preferred payment method) at the urging of Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, whom Stracher called "the redhead," to help get his project passed through the Tamarac commission. Stracher apparently had to work hard to convince Talabisco to vote the right way, and her support seems to be tied to the political slush fund paid for by the Chaits and administered by Democratic operative Barry Harris that heaped $20,000 worth of last-second attack ads on her opponents.

Understand that now Stracher is working as a publicly paid aide for Lieberman. This is a very curious county. Vote well.

UPDATED: I said I'd be back. A couple of folks have asked for a Pulp palm card; sorry but Homie don't play that. No endorsements are coming (with the exception of School Board candidate Nick Sakhnovsky) But I will offer you something equally useless: My predictions!

Look inside to see who I think is going to win.

-- In the U.S. Senate race, I think Kendrick Meek will win, along with Bill McCollum in the governor's race, but by fairly narrow margins, though I think both races are going to be tighter than the polls indicate.

-- Angelo Castillo in District 8 not only because of the money he's raised from the lobbyist and contractor crowds but because his two opponents, Barbara Sharief and Shevrin Jones, will split the black vote.

-- Jennifer Gottlieb will likely win her school board reelection campaign against Sakhnovsky. She raised over $17,000 in the past month and spent some $34,000. She got the money from folks like lobbyist Bill Rubin, Tom Panza, Becker & Poliakoff (Bernie Friedman's firm), Larry Smith, and McKinley Financial. I just think with her advertising lead and condo support it's going to be hard to beat her. Now prove me wrong.

-- Sue Gunzburger over Steve Geller. The train started going off the tracks for Geller when the BSO investigation of Gunzburger came to light. The incumbent also truly led the fight to keep ethics reform intact against the wishes of her shameless colleagues and I think serious voters understand that.

-- In School Board District 7, I think Nora Rupert pulls it out with the help of the condos.

Well, that's really all I have as far as predictions. The other two school board races baffle me. The District 9 county commission race is interesting -- I think three have a shot, Al C. Jones, Dale Holness, and Carlton Moore. Something tells me Holness may pull it out. As far as the judicial races, I think Hurley will win. A sleeper is Steinsaltz over Skolnik. And let's hope Lisa Porter, someone I see as a fighter for justice, wins as well. It would be a shame to lose her.  

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