Jailbird Commits Unspeakable Act Upon Himself

The Pulp has been delinquent in pointing you towards the incredible story about Ken Jenne and Michael Satz putting their resources into arresting and prosecuting inmates in the Broward County Jail who commit sex acts while alone in their jail cell.

Or at least that's what the Miami Herald calls it. You probably refer to it as jacking off, choking the chicken, pounding the pud, or even the more clinical "masturbating."

In its follow-up of the story originally broken by the Sun-Sentinel's Tonya Alanez, the Herald somehow manages to avoid using the M word at all, at least not outside of

a quote from the sinner's lawyer (one "McHugh" -- the first reference to her first name, Katherine, didn't show up until lower down in the story).

It's sort of fun to read the way the Herald danced around the word.

And as for the prosecution itself, well, it's just another embarrassment for Jenne, Satz, and Broward County. I'm not saying that guards should have to walk around watching inmates polish their knobs all day, but discipline for it should be handled internally instead of wanking off in a courtroom.

Last on the topic, from the "Can You Draw Us A Picture?" file, here's today's correction in the Sentinel from yesterday:

An article on Page 1A of Wednesday's edition incorrectly described how a Broward County jail deputy saw an inmate masturbating in his cell. Deputy Coryus Veal saw him from a centrally located control room that allows deputies a clear line of sight into cells.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.