Jailhouse Interview Controversy

Look, everybody's my friend as far as I'm concerned, so I don't have a problem with the student reporter who wrote down "friend" on the visitor card at the jail to get the interview with Michael Devlin, the newly infamous kidnapper from St. Louis. In fact when I was doing a story on serial rapist and murderer Lucious Boyd (whose story is included in all its heinous and outrageous depth in my little book), I wrote the same thing down, "friend." Only until I got to talk to him did he prove me wrong. Jesus would write the same thing, I'd like to think.

What I do have a problem with, friends, is her not mentioning that she was freelancing with the stinking New York Post. To conceal with your interview subject where his or her words will appear is flat-out unethical. And not friendly at all.

After the jump: Time To Update The Site, Sentinel

On the homepage for the Editorial section, the Sun-Sentinel has this breaking news next to the pictures of Charlie Crist and Jim Davis: In Their Own Words: "Candidates for governor talk on video about property taxes, crime and other important issues."

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