Jamaican Resort Ignored Guest's Calls for Help as Attackers Tried to Break Into Room, Lawsuit Says; Safety Apparently Not Guaranteed

Considering how much money you have to pull out of your wallet for an island resort experience, there are a couple of industry standards you should probably expect. Blah knockoffs of local cuisine? Check. A discotheque? No doubt. Safety guaranteed from local thugs? Maybe not, according to a federal lawsuit filed in Miami.

A woman alleges her time at a beach side Jamaican resort quickly became a house-of-horrors situation, in part because the staff dropped the ball big time when she needed help.

According to the suit, it all started in October 2010, when Demetria Singletary checked in to the Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay, located on the island's north coast near the town of Ocho Rios.

On October 10, three unknown men tried to break into Singletary's room. Her no-doubt anxious calls to the front desk were completely ignored, the lawsuit says. The guys on the other end of the door made it clear they weren't just knocking to say hello, also.

Hours into the siege, the door started to give in on Singletary's room. "With the door yielding to the ongoing assaults and in imminent fear for her life, Ms. Singletary desperately attempted to flee from her would be attackers," the suit says. The only option? Out the balcony. The guest was dangling out on the edge, trying to maneuver to safety.

"In so doing, Ms. Singletary was unable to maintain her grip and she subsequently fell two stories, causing severe injuries."

Maybe the worst part of the whole deal was yet to come: Singletary had to lie out for 45 minutes until help arrived.

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