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James Benjamin, Accused of Killing Ex, Has Long Rap Sheet of Violent Crime

We told you yesterday about James Benjamin, the 39-year-old accused of killing Jessica Delgado, his ex-girlfriend and mother of two children with him. The way he reportedly told it to police, the two of them got in a fight early May 8 because she was dating someone else and didn't want to start up a relationship with him again. Then, he says, she stabbed herself in the neck, which would be some kind of defense except he says after she stabbed herself, he strangled her.

But what was he doing there in the first place?

Police say one of Delgado's young children told them Benjamin had recently been released from prison, and Delgado said he could stay there until he got on his feet. We don't know for sure how it actually went down, but the part about prison is true -- state records show he got out of prison April 27 -- 11 days before the alleged murder.

He'd been serving a two year sentence for burglary and grand theft, but it's not the only crime he's been convicted of. Also on his rap sheet is 10 years of prison time for two instances of grand theft of a motor vehicle, two of aggravated assault, one of robbery, and three separate charges of robbery with a gun or deadly weapon.

Records also indicate an arrest on charges of trespassing and resisting arrest in 2009.

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Rich Abdill

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