Jared Cano, Tampa High School Bomb Plot Suspect: I Just "Did the Dumbest Thing Ever"

Tampa police arrested 17-year-old Jared Michael Cano yesterday in an alleged plot to set off some explosive devices at Freedom High School.

Aside from his criminal history, which includes a recent burglary arrest, Cano's Facebook profile also gives a little insight into what kind of character the kid might be.

He was previously expelled from Freedom High School in Tampa, but according to Facebook, he's in the 2012 class of the "University of Marijuana," studying "how to grow weed."

That may explain the marijuana possession and cultivation charges he's also facing from yesterday's arrest.

He lists his favorite movie as Law Abiding Citizen, the Gerard Butler movie that involves several scenes involving bombs as part of a vigilante-based story line, and his favorite book as "Hahaha Books."

Under "About Jared," he says, "i dont give a fuckkk... i smoke weed all day got a problem u can fuckk offf im real, ima tell you straight up, if you cant handle the truth get the fuck off my facebook."

Well, we won't be getting "the fuck off" his Facebook, because there are a few more interesting tidbits to be found.

His most recent status update, posted just before police contacted him, says, "i jut (sic) did the dumbest thing ever!" and a friend commented on the post saying, "You can say that again."

Another post talks about a wireless network he found called "FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN" and comments with copious spelling errors, "i aint fuckin wit no FBI agents lmao...."

This was a few hours after he posted, "like i dont think its possible for me to be any fuckin higher..." and many previous pot-smoking Facebook posts.

Cano previously posted "m so tired of everything" and has several pictures of himself drinking malt liquor for all of his 24 friends to see.

And here's a picture he posted with a large blade:

You can find Cano's Facebook profile here.

Cano faces charges of threatening to discharge a destructive device, possessing bomb-making materials, and several marijuana charges.

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