Jason Brown Gets Ten Years in Prison for Killing Infant While Driving High on Cocaine and Pills

Jason Fayne Brown -- who killed a 3-month-old girl while driving high on cocaine and Valium through West Palm Beach last year, then tried to walk away from the crash -- entered a guilty plea today and was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Around 2:30 p.m. on January 30, 2010, Brown was driving around 60 mph in his Honda sedan when he ran a red light on Forest Hill Boulevard and was about to run another red light when he ran into two cars waiting at the intersection.

Brown, now 32 years old, crashed into both of the cars, sending four people to the hospital and killing 3-month-old Yanley Gonzalez, who was strapped into a child seat in the back of a van being driven by her mother.

Two different witnesses -- a man who watched Brown run the first red light, as well as a woman who had to swerve out of the way as Brown sped past her, swerving into her lane -- told police that Brown was staring straight up at the roof of his car the entire time, saying that it looked like he never looked through the windshield.

Another witness had come to see what happened when she heard the impact of the crash from her home and found Brown walking down the street "holding his head and raising his hands in the air" as she was on the phone with the cops.

Brown kept walking down the street until the cops arrested him, and a Florida Highway Patrol deputy said Brown "had bloodshot eyes, pinpoint pupils, and bulging eyes, and appeared to be high on something."

That would be the cocaine and Valium.

Brown, from Delaware, pleaded guilty to DUI manslaughter and three other DUI-related charges.

He was sentenced to ten years in prison, followed by five years of probation. Brown's driver's license was permanently revoked, and he's banned from consuming alcohol, frequenting bars, or using drugs without a prescription.

Brown was also ordered to pay $10,000 in civil restitution to the victim.

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