Jason Simione's Facebook Pages: Revealing Posts from Man Accused of Plot to Kill His Family, Obama

Yesterday, one of the truly batshit crazy/sad stories of would-be domestic murder broke out in South Florida after police broadcast the arrest of Jason Simione. The 39-year-old Dania Beach man was taken into custody after allegedly trying to sic Salvadoran hit men on his own estranged wife and baby.

Throw in a massive weapon and explosives stockpile along with Simione's statements about murdering President Obama, and you have an allegedly pretty troubled guy. On the various Facebook pages that seem to belong to Simione, you can track the unraveling of a seemingly happy family guy to a unhinged, would-be murderer.

Four Facebook pages all seem to belong to a Jason Simione who matches the picture of the Jason Simione released by BSO. The biographic details of each are similar also (one even says that Simione was a former Hollywood Fire Rescue), although the pages do correspond to different chunks of time.

The first page dates from 2010 and shows Simione and his then-fiance and later wife, Meg posing at the beach, firing weapons, and hanging out at what looks to be trade shows for Bulldog Tactical Equipment, the Fort Lauderdale-based weapon company Simione ran.

The second page under Simione's name is pretty much only devoted to Bulldog Tactical products and dates from 2011. The next, from 2012, shows the couple expecting their first son with some unorthodox photo shoots.

And the final, most recent page, seems to have gone up after the birth of Simione's son -- the same son the guy allegedly had pegged for death-by-Salvadoran-killer. Over the course of a couple weeks in June and July, you can see Simione's happy home life slip off the rails.

Ugh. Sad, troubling stuff. Have a Happy Morning, BroCo.

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