Jeb Bush Courageously Endorses Mitt Romney

Former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush has taken the brave and politically risky move of endorsing presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a long-shot candidate who is only 300 delegates ahead of his competition.

Romney has won only 16 primaries, including Florida's, which was held almost two months ago.

But Bush's endorsement is sure to give Romney the boost he so desperately needs to win Louisiana, where they most certainly care about the endorsement of a man who was some other state's governor five years ago.

Romney's campaign has been sputtering lately, most notably in last night's Illinois primary, where he only managed to defeat everyone on the ballot. Bush stands to look slightly foolish if Romney can't somehow sneak his way past Rick Santorum's wall of ignorant, mean-spirited evangelical supporters; it's unclear whether Romney's current strategy of "beat him in pretty much every way that matters" will be successful.

Newt Gingrich has been napping since the Georgia primary two weeks ago; nobody had the courage to wake him up for comment.

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