Jeb Bush Favored Over Marco Rubio for President, According to Poll

The election was literally six days ago (well, OK, two days ago if you count Florida), and Florida Republicans are butthurt about the results.

So the fine folks at Public Policy Polling thought it would be a neat idea to exploit that GOPer melancholy and the infinite sadness and ask them to look four years into the future and tell everyone who will be president.

The PPP found that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush leads Marco Rubio 28 percent to 22 percent as to who will definitely, without a doubt, for sure is going to be the next president of the United States of America -- as soon as that Kenyan Mooslim stops ruining things.

The poll surveyed 624 Florida Republicans.

For some inexplicable reason, there's a crapload of people out there who wanted Jeb! to run for president this year.

Even Jeb! himself thought about it for a minute, then kind of sort of hinted that it's too late for him.

But with Republicans starting the official Is It Four Years Already? Countdown, it's not at all shocking that both Jeb! and Rubio will be the biggest names bandied around to make a run for the highest office in the land and make the White House white again.

Especially with Chris Christie now being hated by GOPers because of his newfound BBF Barack Obama, after the two actually worked together to help thousands of people in New Jersey affected by Hurricane Sandy. Only 59 percent of Florida Republicans like Christie, according to the poll.

Stupid Christie. Now ya done blown your chance at being president! Hope you and Obama are happy together!

But who else is there?

Apparently, no one gets Florida GOPers' nipples harder than diamond cutters more than Jeb! and Marco.

Both Bush and Rubio score the highest in the favorability question, with Charisma Boy edging out Jeb! 88 percent to 85 percent.

But Bush gets the nod as the frontrunner.

For the record, Condoleezza Rice got an 85 percent likable score (more than Rick Santorum, Sara Palin, and Mike Huckabee).

But since she's a woman and African-American, we're gonna go ahead and say she has no shot at the whole president thing in the eyes of the GOPZ.

Oh yeah, they already said it (8 percent). DERP.

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