Jeb Bush Might Have Told Italian Paper He'd Consider VP Spot, Who Knows, The Article Is in Italian

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told Italian news website Linkiesta that "If Romney would offer me the post of vice president, I would consider the proposal very carefully." At least according to a rough translation of the website.

I don't know how Saint Petersblog writer Peter Schorch found it, but he unearthed the interview that was posted yesterday and I've been trying to figure out what it says ever since. If Romney's catching flak for only giving interviews to Fox News, what on Earth does it mean that Bush is giving exclusives to Italian investigation websites?

The Google translation of the VP line changed as I was writing this; it's now "If Romney would offer me the Vice President post, I would consider the proposal with great attention." Seems to be the same idea, but Bush did add something along the lines of "But non I believe that will choose me," which even in busted English sounds like that fake modesty that good vice presidential candidates have.

Bush adds: "I estimate very Mitt... And would be a duty to help him to defeat Obama."

It looks like Linkiesta thinks it's not going to happen, though -- after that line, the author wrote, "Una disponibilità da prendere terribilmente sul serio. Se non fosse destinata a cadere nel vuoto," which looks to mean something like, "A willingness to be taken terribly seriously. If it were not destined to fall in the vacuum." How do you say "Oh, BURN," in Italian?

("Oh, bruciare." You're welcome.)

But Bush also stressed moderation, a trait that doesn't seem to be all that popular with Republican voters these days.

"We must develop a culture of inclusion," Bush said, per the lousy translation. "Enough barriers. Let us open up, even to immigrants... Many Latinos share the values ​​of right, yet they feel excluded from our rhetoric."

Of his March endorsement of Romney, Bush sort-of said, "Just thought I would take sides on the side of Mitt to stop fratricidal strife that had caused the drift to the right of all candidates."

Polls have been bouncing all over the place, but one from last month found that picking Bush as running mate would be more beneficial to Romney's Florida numbers than if he picked Sen. Marco Rubio. Still, Bush repeated his assertion that Rubio would be a better pick for second in command:
Normally, the shift from the presidential primaries, the duelists dissolve the more extreme positions in an attempt to gain the center, but it is unlikely that Romney decides to bring the discussion of immigration on the rough ground or in the current economic situation is to have any Bush at his side. Feels like the wind, even for that Jeb would prefer to sponsor a candidate for vice president, Marco Rubio, a young Cuban-American senator from Florida. "I am convinced that Mark, tremendous talker and very expression of the American dream, would provide added value to Mitt uguagliabile difficult."
Hear that, Mitt? Even if it's "uguagliabile difficult," it feels like the wind.

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Rich Abdill