Jeb Bush One Step Closer to Running For President with Release of Emails and eBook

While the current Florida governor is doing everything he can to hide his email exchanges, one former Florida governor just released a bunch of his to the public. And there can really be only one reason anyone would do this: so that he can be transparent as he gets ready to run for the highest office in the land.

That or Jeb Bush really wants everyone to know how good he is at emails.

But we're going to go ahead and say it's because he's getting ready to announce he's running for president in 2016.

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On Sunday, Jeb announced that he will be releasing some 250,000 emails from during his two terms as Florida's governor. Bush also says he's writing an eBook on his philosophies on governing -- another sure sign he's getting ready to vault himself into the race in 2016 and giving America another possible Bush in the White House.

Bush explained to Local 10 that the email dump and eBook are about transparency.

"Part of serving or running both of them is about transparency," he said. "I'll let people make up their minds."

He also described the emails thusly: "There's some funny ones. There's some sad ones. There's some serious ones."

These emails have it all!

But, Jeb insists that he's not yet ready to announce anything, though an announcement is expected just after the New Year.

Since early this year, many GOPers were trying to get W.'s little brother to run. According to a report by the Washington Post in April, some of the bigger moneybag GOPers are now working behind the scenes to draft Jeb into the 2016 presidential race. The majority if those donors are a bunch of rich dudes who gave money to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

These Romney donors began reaching out to Bush's people with phone calls and emails to try to get a meeting put together to hash out a plan.

As ever, Jeb remained coy.

At one point, Jeb was the least favorite of GOP contenders among the party.

This was largely due to his pragmatic style, which hasn't exactly been a hit with the party's base.

In the past year, he's come out and publicly spoken out against Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz, saying that Cruz's tactics to try to get Obamacare defunded were embarrassing.

His speech to CPAC in 2013 fell flat when he offered that the Republican Party needs to be more inclusive while saying things like, "If you're fortunate enough to count yourself among the privileged, much of the rest of the nation is drowning."

Jeb has also made waves within the party over his views on immigration, saying that those who cross the border illegally are not committing a felony.

He also once said immigrants are "more fertile," which kind of puts him on-par with George W. as far as public speaking faux pas are concerned.

The latest knock has come from Bloomberg, who wrote that Jeb has a "Mitt Romney problem." The crux of that argument is that Jeb as a businessman is very similar to Romney, who was torn to shreds by the Obama campaign and painted as an uber-rich man out of touch with middle class and who only cared about that one percent.

Market Watch has come out and said Bush doesn't have a Romney problem, namely because he's releasing those emails.

Basically Jeb Bush has all but said with his own mouth that he's running for president in 2016.

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