Being married to a Mexican counts, right?
Being married to a Mexican counts, right?
Photo by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

Jeb Bush Said He's "Hispanic" on Voter Registration Form

"Heb" Bush isn't just a symbolic Hispanic candidate because he speaks Spanish. He's also technically a Hispanic — according to his 2009 voter registration form.

The New York Times obtained Jeb's Miami-Dade voter registration form and found that the son and brother of former presidents (both of whom happen to be Caucasian) filled in the “Hispanic” circle. It's not clear if this was just a simple mistake or if Jeb wanted to add to his Latin résumé (in addition to speaking Spanish, he's married to a Mexican).

Meanwhile, the Florida Democratic Party is alleging that Jeb committed voter fraud by marking down the wrong race. On their Facebook page, the Dems tell Jeb he should call his lawyers:

Jeb Bush Said He's "Hispanic" on Voter Registration Form

Neither Jeb nor Marco Rubio has announced his candidacy yet, but the senator is expected to announce his intentions April 13 at Miami's Freedom Tower, and the ex-governor has long been expected to throw his hat in the ring any minute. When that happens, Florida will not only have two Spanish-speaking candidates running for president but apparently two Hispanics as well.

Jeb isn't really Hispanic, of course, but his language skills and connections to the Latino community have allowed him to get favorable press from Spanish-language media, something that has already brought up questions about whether his views on issues important to Latinos are getting glossed over because he can properly conjugate “ser.”

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