Jeff Greene: Supposedly Defrauded California Elderly, Can Do the Same for Us!

Earlier this week, I reported on how Jeff Greene was smarter than you when the housing market collapsed and how somehow he thought that meant you should vote for him. If you liked that one, Florida, you're going to love this one: Greene is currently being sued for allegedly defrauding a group of California senior citizens in a bad land deal.

According to the complaint and summons, Greene created a subdivision without proper permission from the Coastal Commission, then sold it all to a felon. A felon convicted of what, you may ask? Oh, just some bank fraud. No big. Steven Reeder was likely a buddy of Greene's.

Reeder's appraiser told the seniors that the land was worth five times what he had paid Greene for it, based on probably intentionally faulty logic (again, the Coastal Commission did not approve of any of this). In the end, Reeder made big money by making the seniors give him loans. And when Reeder got his money, so did Greene.

Pretty clever, huh? Maybe we should vote for him after all.

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