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Jeffrey Loria Denies Meddling With Marlins Pitching Staff Days After Meddling With Marlins Pitching Staff

On Tuesday, the human pustule known as Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria reportedly decided that he was going to be the manager for a day and switched around the scheduled starting Marlins pitchers for a double-header against the Twins.

Now Loria is saying he did not meddle with the Marlins pitching staff. And why would he lie to us about anything? Right? CASE CLOSED.

According to a Friday report from Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan, Loria called up his manager, Mike Redmond, and ordered him to switch starting pitchers for Tuesday. Ricky Nolasco was scheduled to pitch the first game, while 20-year old rookie Jose Fernandez was slated to take the later game.

Loria supposedly wanted the younger Fernandez to avoid pitching in a cold Minnesota evening game, and demanded that Redmond switch the schedules.

Yahoo! reports that the day game start was actually colder than the night game start, but a clear indicator that you're a meat-headed megalomaniac is that little particulars such as science and knowing things is of no consequence.

According to the report, Redmond tried to fight his boss over this decision, namely because he knew full well that it wouldn't sit well with players. But also because he's the manager and knows about baseball a helluva lot more than some über-rich, über-douche art collector does.

The move alienated his manager, his veteran ace pitcher, and pretty much all of the other Marlins players, not to mention it gave a clear reminder that Loria is a giant gaping asshole.

Of course, this is nothing new to Loria. He is famous for meddling with managers and giving them lineup suggestions. And, as the track record shows, he's run off pretty much every manager that has ever worked for him.

But Loria told that, nope, no way, no how, did he meddle with his team (musta been another miserable toad-man!)

"I had nothing to do with the decision," Loria told on Friday. "I was informed of the decision by the baseball department. I told them it was their call.

"I don't make decisions on who to pitch and when, how to go about it -- that's not my role. Sometimes they call me and tell me what they're doing. But I don't call them up and say, 'This is what is going to happen.' That's not true."

Loria went on to say that he was coincidentally on a business call when this supposed conversation happened with Redmond, so there's no waayy it was him! ha. ha. ha. ha.

Keep in mind that pretty much the only thing Loria is known for is lying about his team fiances, lying to Miami-Dade County about the stadium finances, lying to players about not trading them, and lying his way out of Montreal when he was the owner of the Expos.

But, by all means, let's go ahead and believe him because he was on the phone talking about a painting and not at all telling Mike Redmond how to run the team, even though a very good reporter with zero agenda is saying otherwise.

This he-said-she-said stuff is tricky business!

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