Jennifer Carroll Mad at Media for Not Praising Jesus; Also Advocates Ignoring Scientists

This past weekend was a few days full of the politically strange around Florida, which included jeers from the audience at a gay soldier during the GOP presidential debate, Ann Coulter calling Debbie Wasserman Schultz "a hideous beast who has a voice like a hyena getting an abortion," and Gov. Rick Scott ripping on President Obama for using a TelePrompter -- in a joke he read off of a TelePrompter.

Then there's Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, who's mad at the media for not having enough pro-Jesus news and says things like science is preventing the country from having a "righteous government."

Among Carroll's complaints are allegations that the media do things like "promote The Da Vinci Code," which, among other things, "is exactly what dictators and socialist rulers did."

Carroll's conspiracy theories revelations came on Friday morning before the presidential debate, while she was delivering a speech hosted by the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

You know the Bible says faith is believing in what is not seen, today unfortunately many in the media would like nothing better to ridicule Christians: they promote The Da Vinci Code, they place doubt in the public's mind that Christ was not risen and they condemn the Passion of Christ, yet they sensationalize stories that call for the end of prayer in school and removing the name of God from our country's pledge. Ladies and gentlemen, these are very sad times when we allow the minority to poison the minds of the majority. This is exactly what dictators and socialist rulers did.

We don't quite remember Fidel Castro's glowing review of The Da Vinci Code (or ours, for that matter), but whatever floats Carroll's boat.

Then there's her dislike of science, in which she advocates that good Christians not let scientists "push their evolution."

"Man does not have all the answers," she said. "Some of our political leaders bow down to scientists and let them have the stage to push their evolution, but there's nothing, nothing a scientist can make, that is exactly like what God creates."

Carroll rounded out her rant with her line about the United States needing a "righteous government" to "lead this country on a proper moral path."

Check out the video highlights of the speech below, or click here to watch the whole speech in a video from the Associated Press:

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