Jesus Plate Destined to Die, Has Three Days to Rise Again in Fulfillment of the Scriptures

Now I wish I hadn't got my hopes up about these amazing Florida license plates. Here I was all ready to ask whether displayers of the crucified Christ plate would be forgiven for not obeying the new law for wearing one's seat belt (because Jesus is riding shotgun, natch). But now I find out the man behind the idea, Sen. Gary Siplin, a Democrat from Orlando, is gettin' all Pontius Pilate on us. This after getting a powerful endorsement from Charlie Crist, who told the St. Pete Times that he's down with the Jeez.

Oh, but that's nothing compared to the cruelty of Sen. Al Lawson. Why would he even show us a license plate as bad-ass as this one...

...only to ditch the thing when the going got tough? I suppose you answered your own question, Al: No, a brotha can't get a break.

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