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Jewish Voters Give Obama Big Lead in Florida, According to Poll

Mittington Romnom RoboRomney Mittbot Romney ain't doing too hot with Jewish voters. That's according to a new poll from the American Jewish Committee.

The poll, which surveyed 254 registered Jewish voters in Florida between September 7 and 9, says President Obama leads Romney by 44 points in Florida.

As for his handling of the Israeli-U.S. relations, 31 percent approve strongly of Obama job there, with 30 percent somewhat approving and 24 percent disapproving strongly.

The poll found that the economy was the number-one issue for Florida's Jewish voters (54 percent), followed by health care (16 percent), national security (5 percent), and Israeli-U.S. relations (5 percent).

The poll asked the voters if the election where held today, who would they vote for. Obama beat Romney 69 percent to 25 percent.

For all the face-kicking Obama does in the poll, however, he gets only a slight edge as far as Iran's nuclear program is concerned, with 28 percent strongly approving of the president's handling of it and 25 percent strongly disapproving.

As for the running mates, those surveyed think Joe Biden is a mensch, with 49 percent approving strongly of Uncle Joe as VP.

Paul Ryan, however, is seen as something of a schmuck with 49 percent disapproving of P90Ryan.

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