Jim Greer Case to Have Unlimited Embarrassment, Judge Promises

The latest ruling in the upcoming corruption trial of former Florida GOP Chair Jim Greer: A four-page report of unknown embarrassing accusations is public record and might be admissible in court, a judge said yesterday, and there is no limit on the records Greer's lawyers can subpoena from the party.

It's a one-two punch to both the Republican establishment and the Orlando attorney representing a secret client, who wanted the report kept secret. Greer's money-laundering trial, originally slated for August, is now set for November -- and promises to unveil plenty of awkward accusations against the party.

It's not clear when news outlets will get hold of the four-page report (prosecutors have a week to release it), but we've already heard that Greer would have "men only" events in tropical locales where women were reportedly paid to... do things, per the Tampa Bay Times. There were also accusations that former Gov. Charlie Crist tried to kiss Greer in Beverly Hills and paid to cover up two gay affairs.

Most recently, it surfaced in a deposition that Greer had said the party felt that "the Tea Party was just a bunch of whack-a-doos" and that GOP leaders had actively talked about "keeping blacks from voting." Looks like moving the trial until after the convention was a good move for the party.


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