Jim Greer Diagnosed as "Psychopath" on Live TV

History will remember Jim Greer as one of the worst party officials in state history. But most of that will be due to the allegations that Greer stole from Republican donors. The pending felony case obscures a number of earlier episodes that should have been grounds for Greer's resignation. Among them, the embarrassing video above.

Before CNN's national audience, Greer is arguing that Barack Obama's September 2009 speech to American schoolchildren was a conspiracy to indoctrinate them with his socialist agenda.

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It may not be psychopathy, as David Sirota says. But Greer obviously wasn't sophisticated enough to filter out wingnut conspiracy theories. His ignorance was a scandal to the Republican Party long before his corruption became one. And by extension, it's a scandal that LeMieux and Crist entrusted such a fool as Greer for such an important position.

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