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Jim Lehrer's Moderating Style Was Basically Free-Form Jazz (With Memes!)

Whether you think Obama was replaced by a sock puppet or Mitt was a mound of horse poo or have declared the election a landslide for Romney based on one debate, one thing we can all agree on from last night: Jim Lehrer sucked.

Between getting bullied by Mitt and letting Obama ramble and mumbling his questions and shuffling his papers... it was as if Lehrer was all, "The debate is this Wednesday? You mean tonight? Shit." 

And then went off and got himself a bottle of Hennessy. 

And then took a nap.

During the debate.

Or maybe Lehrer's moderating was based on free-form style Jazz.

Bee-bop boop... YOUR TURN TO TALK... Skee-dat boop... ONE MORE MINUTE... yiddiddideeee skeedoooweee... NEED ANOTHER TEN MINUTES? FINE... skeedat doo...

The Washington Post's Aaron Blake thinks Jim's you-go-no-don't-wait-I'M-TALking-ok-fine-zzzzzzz style actually helped Romney win the debate.

TV pundits pretty much took a dump all over Lehrer.

Meanwhile, Slate's David Weigel says everybody take it easy on the old man, bayabayy!

However you slice it, if you're moderating a presidential debate, you're dealing with two big assholes who have egos the size of the Grand Canyon's gash. So you need to be strong. Assertive. Basically, out-asshole the assholes.

Or, be Jim Lehrer and let it flow, man....

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