Jim Naugle Is A Punk

The Miami Herald's Amy Sherman writes about the county commission kicking Mayor Mouth off the tourism board. Solid article but here's a part I don't get:

"Commissioner Stacy Ritter said Grossman told her that a group that signed a deal to hold a conference at a resort that would have brought in $275,000 in economic benefit to the county has placed their event on hold. Also, sports teams are reevaluating travel plans due to concern about whether the community is safe."

What sports teams? The Gym Bunnies? Ritter is such a publicity hound she'll say

anything (but keeps her mouth shut when it comes to her own ethical problems).

Here's Scott Wyman's take on the issue in the Sentinel.

As insipid as Broward Democrats can be about Naugle, I don't want to hear from these right-wingers about him either. Steve Kane talks on the radio about how the mayor is courageous and has all the guts in the world. The truth is Naugle is a coward who is afraid of none other than your host, the Pulp man.

Barry Epstein, who has a radio show on 1470-AM, tells me he called Naugle earlier this week and asked him to come on the show. Naugle said he'd be happy to. Then Epstein said he was thinking of having me on the show with him.

Naugle suddenly tells him: No, I'm busy.

Epstein: Okay, I'll have you on alone and Norman can come on after.

Naugle: No, I'm too busy.

Epstein: Okay, I just won't have Norman on the show.

Naugle: No.

I knew the mayor was a crackpot, but I didn't know he was chickenshit, too.

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