Jimmy Clemons, 17-Year-Old With Florida Tattooed on Face, Arrested on Murder Charges

Jimmy "Boo Boo" Clemons is into some shady business, and it may have gotten his mother and aunt killed.

The 17-year-old Boynton Beach man was arrested yesterday evening in connection with the March 16 killing of 22-year-old Valley Alexandre, whom a witness said Clemons targeted because he believed Alexandre to be holding a bunch of drugs.

A witness told police Clemons was at a Lake Worth house party the night of the murder when he said he planned on robbing Alexandre. What happened was way worse.

Alexandre drove his red Dodge Charger to a parking lot later that night to do a drug deal, according to police, when two men jumped into the back seat armed with handguns. They grabbed Alexandre, who then hit the gas pedal.

A man in the passenger seat jumped out of the car as it lurched forward, then ran away and called police, saying he heard gunshots from inside the car. Police arrived to find Alexandre on the ground with "several" gunshot wounds. He died at the scene. The witness identified Clemons as one of the gunmen, and another witness said Clemons had borrowed a Yankees hat earlier in the night that was found in the car.

If Clemons' alleged involvement was a secret at first, it wasn't for long -- the next day, gunmen broke into his home and murdered two of his family members. Police said at the time that the crime could be gang-related and that they suspected the two women were not the intended targets. A police spokeswoman asked reporters not to report the identity of a third victim because they feared for her safety. And now we know why.

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