Jobs Now PAC Issues "Help Wanted" Ads for Members of Congress Ignoring Jobs Agenda

Help wanted: Anger management therapist for Rep. Allen West.

It's not a real job posting from the congressman, but the Jobs Now political action committee suggests it's closer to job creation than the agenda that was promised -- but has been ignored -- by members of Congress.

The PAC was started by three young dudes -- including one South Florida native -- near the end of July, with the purpose of giving a voice to the near-14 million Americans who are unemployed, as well as millions of others who are underemployed, discouraged, or marginally attached to the work force by some other means.

One of the cofounders of the PAC, Andrew Perez, is a Plantation native and a recent graduate of George Washington University.

Perez tells the Pulp that Congress has been sidetracked and that the focus of the PAC is to get the legislative body to focus on the jobs agenda it promised.

"We're pretty disappointed that Congress has been focused on reducing the deficit instead of creating jobs, which was supposed to be their job when they got elected," he says. "It's on both sides. I think Republicans are doing anything to avoid jobs, and unfortunately, I think the Democrats are going along with it."

That brings the PAC to today's newly released effort: The "help wanted" ads for members of Congress, since they won't be creating any jobs during their five-week vacation.

Allen West is looking for an anger management therapist, House Speaker John Boehner is seeking a dermatologist, Rep. Michele Bachmann is on the hunt for a history teacher, and they're currently seeking more additions to the classifieds you can send to the Jobs Now PAC on Twitter.

This sentiment of Congress to focus on jobs creation is certainly widespread during the vacation, as it's been mentioned in newspaper editorials, has citizens up in arms, and has even angered at least one congressman.

In the meantime, you can probably find your elected member of Congress on a beach sipping a margarita if you want to get a hold of him.

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