Joe Biden Visiting Florida on Friday and Saturday

He's like the crazy uncle who comes to your family holiday party and says awkward things but always has a dollar to give ya 'cause he thinks you're awesome, squirt.


Off the cuff.

A little nutty.

He's Uncle Joe Biden, and he's hitting up the Sunshine State for a two-day marathon of campaigning, shaking hands, kissing babies, and probably saying some goofy shit along the way.

Biden arrives in South Florida on Friday with a stop in Boca Raton at noon at the Century Village Clubhouse. After that, he'll hit up the Palace Theater at Kings Point in Tamarac for an event that starts at 3:20 p.m.

Then on Saturday, the vice president will make an appearance at a grass-roots event in Fort Myers at the Wa-Ke Hatchee Park Recreation Center.

Biden's trip to Florida comes about a week after Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan campaigned in South Florida and just a few days after Ryan's mom, Betty, was named the chairwoman for Florida Seniors for Romney.

But Biden needs no such trickery to win over the state's senior citizens when a mere wink, point, and toothy white grin is enough.

Amerite, elderly ladies and ladies who like to ride motorcycles?

Awwww yeah.


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