Joe Kaufman, Anti-Islamic Extremist, Announces He's Running for Congress in 2012

Joe Kaufman really, really doesn't like Muslims, and apparently that's enough of a political platform to run for congress.

Kaufman, the head of the oxymoron crew Americans Against Hate, has announced he's challenging Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz for her congressional seat in 2012.

The first order of business for Kaufman's campaign was to have the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party come out and say Wasserman Schultz isn't Jewish enough to deserve votes:

"Joe is loved by conservative Jews and gentiles, and may be able to pull some votes from the Jewish people who feel it is their duty to vote for a Jewish candidate over a non-Jew, no matter the party," Tea Party Fort Lauderdale leader and alleged cop-kicker Danita Kilcullen told Sunshine State News.

Interesting, but there's much more lunacy where Kaufman comes from.

Kaufman fairly consistent record of calling anyone who could be Muslim a terrorist supporter, as seen here, here, or here, as well as here, here, and here.

It was about eight years ago that Kaufman made a stink in front of the Broward County School Board because there was a terrorist-looking fellow on a video teaching tolerance to kids in the district -- which must have been scary.

That's when the Council on American-Islamic Relations came out and let people know Kaufman's the one with the extremist views.

He was accused of identifying with Kahanism, and his retort was that CAIR was upset that he told the truth about them supporting terrorists -- which, we'll remind you, isn't true.

Now the self-proclaimed "investigative journalist" and "lecturer" -- titles which should be assigned to his name very, very loosely -- is trying to represent a congressional district.

But still, it looks like Kaufman's campaign is based on Wasserman Schultz just not quite being Jewish enough.

"My grandmother taught me every day what it meant to love America, Israel and the values that are the heart of Judaism," Kaufman says on his website. "I know how sad she'd be to see Debbie Wasserman Schultz talking about those same values in campaign speeches and meetings, while she works to undermine their very essence. I owe it to Ruth and so many other courageous, honest and wise men and women like her to fight for what's right on behalf of my friends, family and neighbors in the 20th Congressional District."

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