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John McCain Campaigns for Romney in State That Didn't Vote for Him

With the election a mere days away, Willard Mittington knows that winning Florida is going to be crucial, especially with the numbers settling down across the country and Ohio maybe possibly being a must-win state for the Mittbot, where he is down by as much as five in some polls.

So Romney is pulling out a secret, if a tad old and musty, weapon: a dude who didn't win the usually Republican-heavy state of Florida back in 2008. OH, IT'S ON NOW.

Awww yeahhh. John McCain is in the house. And he's got a sexy message for us Fort Lauderdalians.

"We need Mitt Romney as the next president of the United States," McCain told a Fort Lauderdale crowd Thursday. "We need him very badly."

This is big move for Romney, who saw Colin Powell give his endorsement to Barry Barack this morning.

"He obviously endorsed Barack Obama last time," McCain said of Powell's endorsement. "It's not surprising that he would do that this time. I just wish he wouldn't call himself a Republican anymore."

(It's totally... because... he's black!)

So now Romney is forced to bring out the big old-man guns with McCain looking to sway Floridans back to the red. 

McCain knows Florida is big. Mainly because of the extra Electoral College votes it got this year. But mostly because Florida represents America! Apparently.

"I think the straight talk is that Mitt Romney cannot win the presidency without winning Florida," McCain said. "It's just too big a state, too many electoral votes, too representative, frankly, of America, and so he's got to win here."

Too representative. Straight talk, bros.

Will McCain sway undecideds to go Romney's way in the election? How can he not? His old-man musk is enough to convince anyone to do anything.

Also, don't forget, this is the guy who gave us Sarah Palin, by far the funniest Facebook follow on the internet!

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