John McCain Is A Very Angry Man

John McCain actually gave it a good try tonight. Barack Obama, for his part, was solid and dull. McCain definitely had a chance to win this debate. He actually had Obama on the defensive for a good part of the night. For a while Obama was reminding me of John Kerry and his failure to close the deal against Bush.

Fortunately for Obama, McCain looked like an irate, half-psychotic old codger the last hour of the debate. A lot of the time he had this weird uncomfortable smile that indicated an inner rage and a whole lot of impatience. His eyes had the burning intensity of a madman's. It damn near made your skin crawl. On top of that, he interrupted Obama a few times, an obvious Debate 101 foul. A buddy just called to tell me he finally realized that McCain was nothing but a huge jerk. Said he had an arrogance that rivals Cheney's. My question: Did McCain know this was going to be split-screened and America was going to watch his half-cocked, assinine reactions the entire night?

What a colossal screw-up. We've all heard about McCain as the infante terrible during his time in the Navy who, as a spoiled son of an admiral, spent all his time chasing tail and shirking duty. We heard that his temperament helped make him a singularly horrible pilot. We've been told his closest aides have said he has a serious temper problem.

We've heard all these things at one time or another. This debate, which still isn't over as I publish this, made us know it was true.

Here's a clip of him losing his cool at Senate committee hearing:

Here's a clip where McCain suddenly blurts out the c-word:

Okay, that's a joke. Here the jerk in McCain comes out on a campaign plane, prompting the reporter to ask "Why are you so angry?"

Okay, I'm almost done unloading the YouTube vault on you. Just finish with this veritable mini-documentary on McCain's mental temper.

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