John Sims, Cooper City Commissioner Who Posted Racist Obama Message on Facebook, Says He's Sorry

Last week we told you about a stereotype-filled racist Obama "joke" posted on Facebook by Cooper City City Commissioner John Sims.

He took the comments down from his Facebook page, but through the magic and wizardry of the Internetz, the world was still able to see what Sims wrote:

"Just wanted to let you I received my 2013 Social Security Stimulus Package. It contained two tomato seeds, cornbread mix, two discount coupons to KFC, an 'Obama Hope & Change' bumper sticker, a prayer rug, a machine to blow smoke up my ass and a 'Blame it on Bush' poster for the front yard. The directions were in Spanish. Yours should arrive soon."

A real delight, this guy.

Well, turns out his colleagues and fellow commissioners didn't take too kindly to Sims' comments and took turns ripping him at a city meeting last night.

Mayor Greg Ross: "The phone calls asked me to please ask Commissioner Sims to resign or in fact to fire him."

Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi: "The comment was vile offensive it reminds me of a Neanderthal comment because it's just very backwards and it was not in good taste."

Jeff Green (the only minority member of the commission): "All of the residents of Cooper City expect better of their elected officials."

Resident Gabriel De Gedeon: "Commissioner Sims, you are stereotyping African Americans based on religion. You shouldn't be up there."

Former commissioner Gladys Wilson, showed support for Sims, saying: "You each live in glass houses. Big glass houses!"

You shouldn't criticize people being racist because, you're racist too! Err... something.

Anyway, Sims, who thanked his wife sitting in the audience, offered an emotional apology:

"To those who were genuinely offended I offer my deepest and sincerest apology without reservation. I will continue to work equally well for all people in Cooper City regardless of ethnicity, religion, or social status."


Sims also issued an apology via email:

"I recently re-posted and shared a parody of political satire on my personal Facebook page of which I was not the author, one which had been circulating around the internet for some time.

I did not write the words, and my hastily shared post was done simply as a humorous commentary. I deeply regret that I failed to consider that some might find it offensive.

Although political satire is not a crime, what I copied and re-posted was in poor taste and was apparently offensive to some people.

I unequivocally state that there was absolutely no intention whatsoever on my part that the re-posting would be offensive to, or directed at anyone.

To those who were genuinely offended, I offer my deepest and sincerest apology without reservation and ask for your pardon and reconciliation.

Additionally, I apologize to the citizens that I have served well in Cooper City, the city staff, my colleagues on the dais, as well as my diverse family and friends.

Rest assured that I will continue to serve our city well, working for its betterment, and I will continue to work equally well for all people in Cooper City regardless of ethnicity, religion or social status.

Commissioner John Sims"

So basically, none of this was really Sims' fault. Because of satire, you see. So it's cool. Plus, the joke was so full of the funny, that he was super excited to share it with everyone. Because black people eat cornbread. And everyone speaks Spanish now. HILARIOUS, no? And a terrible stereotypical joke about prayer rugs that masks hidden racists feelings towards Muslims and the President of the United States is apparently offensive to some people. So Sims is really sorry and everything. So, there.

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