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Jon Stewart Rips Richie Incognito, Football Culture on The Daily Show

The Miami Dolphins' Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin issue has been the biggest news in sports for the past week and a half. And last night, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart weighed in on it all.

Stewart showed clips of newscasters reading transcripts from Incognito's now-infamous voice-mail message in which he called Martin a racial slur and said he'd defecate in his mouth.

He also riffed on the football neanderthal culture of how Martin should've just stood up for himself rather than leaving the team.

And, of course, he ripped on Richie Incognito.

"Incognito?" Stewart says. That's a name an undercover cop comes up with on the fly on one of those Police Academy movies."

Stewart went on to show the video of Incognito spazzing out at Dirty Blondes, saying "Has there ever been a less-apt name than Incognito?"

From there, John Oliver, Jason Jones, and Al Madrigal put on a Dos and Don'ts workplace conduct skit.

Now even non-sports-watching Americans are learning what a circus the Miami Dolphins are!


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