Jonatha Carr, FAU Student Who Threatened to Kill Teacher, Got Tasered Three Times, Hit a Cop, and Said Really Racist Stuff, Police Say

Update, 3/30: Carr's family has commented about her history of mental illness. 

The Pulp just got hold of the police report in the case of Jonatha Carr, a 24-year-old Florida Atlantic University student who inexplicably started screaming during a biology class Tuesday. Her tirade, in which she threatened to kill the teacher and hit another man in the forehead, was captured on video. In it, you can see her stomping around the classroom yelling things like "I will kill the fuck out of you" before she's eventually carted out of the room.

After that, according to the report, it got way, way worse.

The first time of three instances in which police used a Taser on Carr was while they were first attempting to apprehend her outside the classroom. Then, on the way to the police station, the report says, "Carr started screaming to let her out and take the handcuffs off of her and kicking the roof of the vehicle, the door and the windows."

They ultimately decided to bypass processing her at the police station and take her directly to South County Mental Health Center. Before they left, they attempted to restrain her legs. She wouldn't let them and got hit with the Taser again. She was tasered a third time when she "refused to stop swinging back and forth" in the police car.

When they finally got to South County, Carr refused to get out of the car and had to be carried in. Inside, she refused to walk to a room and was carried there too. There, police say, she fought with the staff and had to be held down by three police officers and medical staff.

On the rest, the report can really speak for itself -- it's not clear what set off Carr, but police say she required multiple officers to restrain her behavior every step of the way. The report's at the bottom, but here are the big items, in the words of FAU Police Officer William Hernandez:
All of a sudden she just started to yell at the instructor and at the entire class saying things like "white people suck, Jewish people who think this world is theirs which it's not, I will fucking kill you at the Holocaust events all over the world.
"Evolution kills. Haven't thought about Asians yet." Carr kept going on and on about killing people.
Upon my arrival I observed a black female lying face down in the grass area just south of building #2, I also observed two white males holding her down until I arrived. I then held her down with my hands on both of her wrists and I calmly asked her to calm down and she refused. Sergeant Boldin and I attempted to place her in a sitting position at which time she started punching me with a closed fist on my chest.
Once the handcuffs were placed on her wrist, she started kicking and calling everyone "sand niggers", "white niggers" and "black niggers". She also stated that she will "kill everyone white people sucks".
Carr aggressively resisted by lying on the ground and stiffening her body, Sergeant Boldin, Officer Cowart, Corporal Stewart and I had to lift her and place her inside the vehicle. She was not injured at this stage.
While placing her in the vehicle, she started kicking and screaming, then stiffened her body and refused to put her legs inside, I then attempted to grab her legs and place them inside but she kicked me on my right thigh.
She increasingly became more uncontrollable. At this point she gave me no choice but to tase her, after I advised her I would, I then initiated a drive stun on her left thigh at approximately 12:20:11 for approximately 3 seconds, she then placed her legs inside the vehicle.
And here's the report:

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