Jonatha Carr Won't Face Charges for Threatening to Kill Her FAU Professor, Hitting a Guy

Update, 3/30: Carr's family has commented about her history of mental illness.

​Last Tuesday, video surfaced of Florida Atlantic University student Jonatha Carr yelling things like "I will kill the fuck out of you" in a biology class. Police documents state that, after hitting a student in the forehead and yelling, "White people suck, Jewish people who think this world is theirs, which it's not, I will fucking kill you at the Holocaust events all over the world," she then was so uncooperative with police that she had to be stun-gunned three times and taken to a mental hospital.

And now, according to an FAU Police spokesman, she won't be facing any charges.

Carr's police report included a crime of "battery -- intentionally touch/strike" listed, but when asked if she would be charged, Deputy Chief Keith Totten said, "At this time, no, I don't believe that would occur... I don't believe that there will be any charges filed."

He said we'd have to check with Carr's family to find out if she'd been released from the hospital she was taken to after the incident, but her mother declined to comment.

FAU spokeswoman Lisa Metcalf wrote in an email that she couldn't disclose whether Carr had been expelled because "details of student discipline matters are confidential according to state and federal law." Federal student privacy regulations, however, don't cover enrollment status, so we may still find out soon.

It's not clear what set Carr off, but the Huffington Post ran a column yesterday by Syracuse University Professor Boyce Watkins under the headline "Student Becomes Violent Over Trayvon Martin: Why This Is a Warning Sign to All of Us." In it, he writes:
I watched in shock as a young black woman at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) became violent in class during a discussion on the death of the late Trayvon Martin...
The student's outburst concerns me, for it is both a symptom and accelerator of the rage being felt by millions of Americans right now.
If Jonatha were my daughter, I'd probably be upset with her right now. Her actions will likely jeopardize her future and serve as a stain on her record. But I'd be lying like a dog if I didn't admit that nearly every black person in America could not relate to at least a piece of the anger being expressed by this young woman.
While he did say Carr should be punished, he added that "punishing Jonatha without pursuing justice against the man who killed Trayvon Martin is yet another reminder of the polite oppression we've been forced to endure for the last 400 years. It's time for something to change, and it's time for that change to come by any means necessary."

I've looked everywhere. While Carr was interviewed the day before the outburst about the Martin killing, the only other news site mentioning the connection is NewsOne -- though it's a version of Watkins' column published last week.

There's no discernible mention of Martin in the YouTube video, no mention of a "Trayvon Martin discussion" in the police report, and Totten, the police spokesman, said he hadn't heard anything to that effect.

The University Press, FAU's student newspaper, reported that the teacher was in the middle of reviewing for a test on evolution. HuffPo's got a great headline for search engines, but it's woefully short on evidence. A call to the professor teaching the class Carr was in was not returned.

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