Jose Canseco Pulled Over With Diaper-Wearing Goats

Jose Canseco got pulled over by cops while he was driving around with goats wearing diapers.

We'll give you a minute to reread that sentence because, yeah.

As proof, the ex-ballplayer tweeted out a photo of one of the goats.

OK, so, first of all, why goats?

Also, what kind of diapers are these? Adult diapers? Large baby diapers? Goat diapers? Are goat diapers a thing?

And how effective are they? They don't look very secure. Do they do the trick and catch all the goat poop?

So. Many. Questions.

This went down Wednesday night in Pembroke Park. And as you can see from the tweet, the cop got a kick out of it. Because what else can you do when you see Jose Canseco in an SUV with two goats in the back?

Apparently, Canseco acquired the goats as pets and asked his Twitter followers for name suggestions.

Roid and Rage would be our choices.

He also apparently has a zoo. Because he says he's adding the goats to his animal collection, which includes four dogs and a tortoise.

As we've documented here before, Canseco once wrote about his knowledge of time travel.

So seeing him driving around town with diaper-wearing goats is really about the most normal thing we can expect from the slugger.

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