Jose Canseco Returns to Major League Baseball -- to Sell Old Milwaukee Beer (Video)

South Florida's favorite 'roid-pushing, Twitter-pontificating baseball meathead has made a triumphant return to major league baseball: During the MLB All-Star Game on Monday night, the Kansas City TV market got to see Miami's son, Jose Canseco. The first 40-40 man in history was there, right in the middle of the telecast -- selling beer.

He did two spots for Old Milwaukee -- one was a locker room speech that tried to make Royals fans feel better about their '80s slump, saying the team wasn't slumping, "the rest of the world started cheating." In the other, he blabbers something about dragging baseball through the mud and having "stones." He wraps it up with "Old Milwaukee. It's back. Baseball's back. I'm back. Why not?"

They're funny, and you might be inclined to give Canseco some credit for being able to make fun of himself in a bout of uncharacteristic self-awareness. It becomes less funny when you realize that the guy was on six all-star teams and is now acting like a clown during the commercial breaks because the only other thing he has going for him is a spot on the disabled list of a Massachusetts baseball team.


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