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Jose Canseco Tweeted Out That He's Been Accused of Rape

Jose Canseco, batshit former MLB player, steroid a aficionado and noted time traveler, took to Twitter today to announce that he had been charged with rape.

The first tweet read as Canseco breaking the news to his own rape accusation, which is all kinds of mettamoron:

"Breaking news this is a first folks las vegas police was just at my house i have been charged with rape by a [REDACTED] from las vegas"

-- Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) May 22, 2013

We redacted the name of the woman in question to hide her identity. Also, Canseco has since deleted the tweet, although this is far from over.

So far, no charges have, in fact, been leveled on Canseco by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, although they are now officially investigating the sexual assault allegations with Jose named as a suspect.

Along with the supposed victims' name, Canseco also apparently tweeted out a photo of the woman.

Here are a few screen shots from the now deleted tweets (via The Atlantic):

Canseco might obviously be in serious trouble. Even if he didn't rape anyone, he still tweeted out his alleged accuser's name, phone number and photo.

This story should get a hell of a lot more interesting in the coming days. As soon as he's done playing with the cats in Dallas-Fort Worth, of course.

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